Friday, December 21, 2012

new scarf yarn

Yesterday I ended the post with this teaser...

 A pic of all the beautiful colors and hanks of this great new yarn. It is called Passion Nette by Plymouth yarn and unlike most of these novelty scarf yarns it isn't 100% acrylic.  It is consists of 68% cotton and 32% acrylic.  It really gives it a interesting feel to the yarn and more texture then most.  Not to mention the colorways are amazing my fav. is the mermaid looking color. Well I sat down last night and knit up the sample for you guys and here it is..
 Here I am modeling it.  One skein makes a decent scarf.  Very simple knitting you just spread the thread and co 8 (by picking up 8 loops along the edge) then knit 8 back and forth for the entire scarf.
 I took a up close picture so you can see the great texture and color.
This yarn is for sure a great departure from the typical scarf yarn for those who like a bit more of a natural feel to their yarn.  I would compare the texture and feel of it to malabrigo lace.  Go in and give it a look for your self.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

new arrivals..

 Here are the new arrivals we have to share with you this week.  First off we have Gina which is Worsted: 100% Wool and comes in balls of 109 yards.
 This is pattern #2351 entrelac shrug.  It is a great little shrug  from the front and from back..

 It has this beautiful entrelac detail.  A fun and color full knit.
 We also got in some great new tweeds in the encore line. 
 And it also has a great new pattern and sample in shop too.
 This is patter 2351 striped jacket. :)  There are some other new goodies, and things to share but they will have to wait for tomorrow, because I am working the sample up for you guys my self tonight :)  Here is a sneak peak..
Pretty isn't it??  Well tomorrow you will get introduced to this gorgeous stuff.  Have a good night guys and stay warm :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New yarn :)

It has been a while, but I finally got some fun new yarns for me to share with you.  This one is a great novelty yarn.  It is called passion fur.  It is 100% Acrylic 15 yards (14 meters).  and works fabulous for trim on projects.

 Here is a great frilly fun soft scarf knit out of it.  I love it.
 and this fun hat  It is called the zhivago hat.  
Here is the link to that pattern

 We got in some great hand spun by Sharon. There is some green colonial wool..

and this wonderful variegated that is 60% super wash merino 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. 

The last thing I have left to share is some new colors in the Marble chunky. 
There are lots of great things going on ,and very few days to get your holiday gifts finished up.  So hurry in make some one on your list something warm and cozy from your heart this holiday season.  Make sure you look at the post on great quick knitting one skein gifts :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Friday, November 9, 2012

New items

 Okay first off sorry I didn't get to update things in a few weeks.  We had some technical difficulties...aka my laptop cord fell apart..but moving on we have some great things to share this week. Lots of new berroco one of my personal favorite yarn brands.    

This is Quasar here is its stats Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi)175 yards (160 meters) 100% Wool.
It has some great colors and is sort and fun.  The sample cowl here is Seyfert a free berroco pattern. 

 This is Lodge.  It is Bulky: 47% Nylon, 47% Wool, 6% Rayo.  It carries 98 yards (90 meters) per ball.  
This book has lots of great patterns for this yarn.

We got in elements which is a great metallic yarn.  It is Aran: 51% Wool, 49% Nylon and each ball carries 153 yards (140 meters).  We have a great in store sample which is this.

 It is called Tauri and is a key hole shawl. 

 It comes from berroco book #321 .
 We got in some other great berroco books also I will throw up a few quick pics of those :)

I have one last this to share for the week.  We have a great new sample for big time a great new yarn I shared a while back.    It is the leaves shawlette by Amy Gunderson. 
It is a super cute casual shawlette.  Big time comes in lots of fun colors and it only takes two skeins to knit this beauty up.
Well guys I am off but keep your eyes open because Tuesday I will post a special announcement.  :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New socks yarn...

 Okay in the past two weeks some great fall socks yarns have came in.   When I think of fall I think of my cozy hand knit socks.  My hubby says wearing hand knit socks is like having that "new sock feeling" every day and I totally agree!!  Another thing is socks are one of the gifts people request most from me.  Every one loves that luxurious cozy feeling they give.

So me being a avid sock knitter I couldn't wait to share these with you.  I was very excited for this one in particular.  It is one of my all time favorite sock yarns.  It is Pagewood Farms denali..  It is a great American hand paint yarn that is fun colors.  It doesn't pool so it works great for patterned socks with cables or lace.  They are also great for shawls. 
 Here is a great creation made with denali

 This is another great socks yarn that came in and is going to be lots of fun to work with..

 It is footrpint Blue Ridge yarns.  It comes with two skeins one larger for the body of the sock and a smaller contrasting color for the heel and toe. 
 There are lots of fun colors. There is even the patriotic red white and blue.  Here is a great example of how this yarn knits up..

 I love all the different combos..
 I tried to get pics of each one so you guys can see how great they are.
I hope you guys swing in and get some to knit yourself or someone you love a great pair.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

one skeinquick knitting gift ideas

Since it is time for everyone to start thinking of some great gift ideas  I thought I would come up with some great one skein wonder quick knit gifts ideas for you guys.  
One great idea is the welted fingerless mitts but church mouse designs 

 You can knit these adorable mitts up from one skein of sublime cashmerino silk dk which is 12.95.  You can't beat a pair of cashmere gloves for that price and the pattern is easily adjustable and they knit up super fast and are adorable.
another great option is wink by berrocco.  It is knit out of link.  It knits up in no time flat.

 It is a fun colorful chunky scarf.
This is ric rack another great yarn that takes one skein for a gift this one is roughly 17$ and knits or crochets yup in less then a hour into this.

it literally is one stitch you knit
Okay there is a few great ideas for gifts to get you started this year I will post more ideals later on :) enjoy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

new arrivals araucania

Okay it is that time of the week where I share and highlight some new fun yarns that have been showing up.  This week there was lots of new yarns that came in from Araucania.  Some of these have some great pattern books and some are SO new there isn't even very many finished products out there I can grab samples of but they are too gorgeous not to share so here we go..

Huasco is a  Fingering yarn made of  100% Merino 450 yards (411 meters)

It is a variegated yarn with lots of vibrant beautiful colors

Nuble is  240 yards (219 meters) a skien it is fingering weight. Nuble  is made of 75% Merino 25% Silk  This one is fresh and there isn't much out there made of it but is is super soft amazing and would be fabulous for a scarf or shawl.

Hasa comes 87 yards (80 meters) to a skein and is made from  50% Alpaca 40% Wool 10% Silk
There is a great pattern book available especially for this yarn full of beautiful fun knits.

andalian is another brand new yarn this season and it comes 89 yards (81 meters) to a skein.  It is  Worsted weight and made of  92% Wool, 5% Metallic, 3% Nylon.  It has a great sparkle and is comes in great vibrant colors. 

ushya is Super Bulk made of  98% Merino, 2% Nylon 114 yards (104 meters)


It is solid colored unlike some of the more vibrant variegated yarns and is mega big and mega soft.
It has a pattern book available also and is used in the comfy cozy spiral cowl pattern by Janna Milbradt.  It is a great quick knit for gifts.  Perfect to keep cozy this time of year :)  It is available in store and here.  Or in the etsy shop here

 Tepa is a  Bulky yarn made of 70% Wool, 20% Mohair, 10% Silk  each skein has 143 yards (131 meters) This is another yarn that has a book full of patterns.  It is variegated super soft and lots of fun.

Well that is the new Araucanian yarns that came in this week.  I hope you guys get a chance to come in and check them out for yourself soon. :)  Next post will be the new socks yarns we got in and a new order from a personal fav of mine Pagewood farms.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New yarns and pattern ideas.

 Time for more new yarns.  Here is Bamboo Bloom Handpaints.   It is Bulky: 48% Rayon, 44% Wool, 8% Acrylic.

 It is a fun quick knitting bulky yarn.  It will make a fun accessories.

There is a great aray of shades to choose from.

 One great choice for a pattern with this yarn is this great cowl.  The pattern can is free and can be found here.  

Here is another new yarn classic shades big time.  It is a super bulky yarn that is Super Bulky: 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool

 This yarn is soo new that there isn't much out there on it but one great choice is the drop stitch cowl .
  It knits up in no time what so ever and would would be so soft and warm and cozy this winter and fall.  :) 

The next thing isn't new but it is great.  It is the shawl kit using jojoland melody.  

 It show cases this great color full yarn very well.
It is knit entrelac style and comes in a complete kit like so.

It is a great pattern for learning the new skill or just a fun knit in general.  If you have questions on learning entrelac then you can always book a class in shop to get you started.  They are 10$ per hour and they can help you get going on a new skill from learning to knit or getting the hang of a new skill like entrelac or fairisle. :).