Friday, December 21, 2012

new scarf yarn

Yesterday I ended the post with this teaser...

 A pic of all the beautiful colors and hanks of this great new yarn. It is called Passion Nette by Plymouth yarn and unlike most of these novelty scarf yarns it isn't 100% acrylic.  It is consists of 68% cotton and 32% acrylic.  It really gives it a interesting feel to the yarn and more texture then most.  Not to mention the colorways are amazing my fav. is the mermaid looking color. Well I sat down last night and knit up the sample for you guys and here it is..
 Here I am modeling it.  One skein makes a decent scarf.  Very simple knitting you just spread the thread and co 8 (by picking up 8 loops along the edge) then knit 8 back and forth for the entire scarf.
 I took a up close picture so you can see the great texture and color.
This yarn is for sure a great departure from the typical scarf yarn for those who like a bit more of a natural feel to their yarn.  I would compare the texture and feel of it to malabrigo lace.  Go in and give it a look for your self.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

new arrivals..

 Here are the new arrivals we have to share with you this week.  First off we have Gina which is Worsted: 100% Wool and comes in balls of 109 yards.
 This is pattern #2351 entrelac shrug.  It is a great little shrug  from the front and from back..

 It has this beautiful entrelac detail.  A fun and color full knit.
 We also got in some great new tweeds in the encore line. 
 And it also has a great new pattern and sample in shop too.
 This is patter 2351 striped jacket. :)  There are some other new goodies, and things to share but they will have to wait for tomorrow, because I am working the sample up for you guys my self tonight :)  Here is a sneak peak..
Pretty isn't it??  Well tomorrow you will get introduced to this gorgeous stuff.  Have a good night guys and stay warm :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New yarn :)

It has been a while, but I finally got some fun new yarns for me to share with you.  This one is a great novelty yarn.  It is called passion fur.  It is 100% Acrylic 15 yards (14 meters).  and works fabulous for trim on projects.

 Here is a great frilly fun soft scarf knit out of it.  I love it.
 and this fun hat  It is called the zhivago hat.  
Here is the link to that pattern

 We got in some great hand spun by Sharon. There is some green colonial wool..

and this wonderful variegated that is 60% super wash merino 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. 

The last thing I have left to share is some new colors in the Marble chunky. 
There are lots of great things going on ,and very few days to get your holiday gifts finished up.  So hurry in make some one on your list something warm and cozy from your heart this holiday season.  Make sure you look at the post on great quick knitting one skein gifts :)