Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mothers Day drawing.

With mothers day lingering on the horizon we figured for all the poor mamas out there that will be getting gym equipment, power tools or some other unsolicited present you have no interest in, we thought we would do a drawing.

We figured this cute funny little read would be a great treat for any mother. So whether you are a knitter, crocheter, or neither you will enjoy it. Here are the rules. You have to either click to follow us. or you have to "like" us on facebook. We will be doing the drawing on the 7th. you have until midnight on the 6th of May to be entered. Good luck.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Another of the new yarns that Janna got in lately is Dreamland. It is a great baby yarn and it comes in both textured (fancy) and plain.

The textured is 97%bulk and 3% acrylic and the plied version is 70% nylon 30% acrylic, so machine washable for all the little whoops things that happen with little ones.
Also it is super soft and non itchy. It textured has 84 yards and the plied is 125 yards.

its worsted weight and comes in great colors too. I took a peek on ravelry and found some super great projects made out of it I thought I would share.

Pamcamas made this great little vest (pattern: baby hooded vest)

it is both textured and plied and I happen to know that Janna has this pattern in the shop.

Karinamaza made this great little christening hat out of the plied.

It is too cute with the little cables. It also has some other matching pieces too if you look it up.

and this last ones size didn't quiet come out lol but Tangelday made these darling baby socks out of the plied.

There are tons of other cute things these could be used for :) So if you are expecting a new little one you know where to look. There is nothing better to get when you are expecting then a cute little hand knit something and baby clothes are such a fun way to try your hand at garments for new knitters and a fun instant gratification project for experienced knitters. Everyone loves baby's ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ravelry tips.

So I know allot of you guys aren't huge Ravelers. Well I am going to tell you reasons why I love Ravelry.com and how it can help improve your knitting. There are great things you can use ravelry for and I thought I would share them with you.

1.I personally never knit a garment with out going to Ravelry first and browsing that pattern to see if it looks good on people who are shaped like me and what it looks like in different yarns and what changes people have made.

2. I get great ideas for new projects I would never see other wise.

3. I have all my needles and books cataloged so I know what I own.

4. You can see all your friends newest projects and check out their blogs.

5. you can figure out what to do with those random skeins of yarns that you bought with out knowing what to do with them.

6. Show off your great projects.

7. join groups for things that you love (authors designers kids caffeine your favorite yarn shop *wink wink*)you name it there is a group. You can talk all about that subject and keep up to date.

8. figure out if your pattern has a mistake or if you are crazy.

9. when you are feeling really bad go on and flip the the "ugh"s under the people tab. There is some really ugly stuff out there and no you aren't the only one who didn't check gauge and wound up with a sweater that would fit a giant.

10. swaps. You can join a swap and swap yarn and knitting things with some one from different state or county there are sock swaps pattern swaps, I have done caffeine swaps with yarn and coffee tons of fun things out there.

Go on and give it a whirl.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

who needs a pretty fix?

Well I don't know about you guys but I am in to mood for some pretty stuff. After all these grey drab cold days I think we need more color like Janna's flowers at the shop. They are beautiful right now.

and this great project that CathieKnits finished. How beautiful. The pattern is Blooming Cotton Scarf. I think she did such a great job. Very fun and colorful.

It reminds me of my grandmas violets :) I love it. It looks great on her. I love seeing the great things people have made showing up in the Ravelry group and when I saw this I knew I had to share.

I thought I would also give you guys a sneak peak of what got dropped of for the shop yesterday. (shhh no one will see these until Monday you guys are the first ;) There are great charms, stitch markers, and a few key chains too.
Some super cute charms with both knitters and crocheters
I LOVE these and was super excited for them. who wouldn't right lol. hmmmm these would be great gifts from the easter bunny..or has anyone heard of a little day called Mothers Day?
She also made up some great little packs of stitch markers. They were hard to get good pics of but they are too cute.
Better yet all the new cuteness is only $7.50!! I love it. Aren't talented sister the best. There is more you didn't get to see so check them out for yourself :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So much for spring ..

Well so much for spring. We got a glimpse this week but now it is back to winter coats, hats and scarfs. Well I figured that it would be a great time to show case the new liberty wool by c.e.y. It is a beautiful self striping wool 100% wool and 122 yards with tons of great color ways.

Purple yellows pink greys..
blue greens purples and greys
pink reds purples and yellows
greens and blues
pink yellow greys oranges
purple greys yellows and browns

There are so many great combos. I went through ravelry and found some great patterns to make out of this yarn there is ..

a great little cardie with some ribbing on the back for a great shape
the zig zag tam which this one was actually knit up by the lovely Janna :)
turned out great
The Molly scarf with the great ruffle.
how cute is that and these is these great beginners socks.

My poor chilly feet are so jealous of these cute warm socks lol. We are thinking this would be a great class. They are quick and easy and a great way to learn to knit socks. :) I love knitting socks in the summer small and portable :) Let us know if you are interested in taking the class.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to our new blog!!

Welcome to Purple Iris's new blog. I am very excited for all the great new things we can put out there for everyone to enjoy. For those of you who don't know Purple Iris yarn shop. It is a great cozy little shop in Marshall, MN. A small town in south west Minnesota. It has a great selection and wonderful customers who create a fabulous community. Never hesitate to call and see if there is something you are looking for we would gladly ship it to you :)

One of the first things I am going to share with you is a fabulous new yarn in our shop called Linsey by Berroco. It is 64% cotton 36% linen and each skein has 114 yards . I saw it and thought it had to be spendy but it is only a shocking $8.50 a skein!! Here are the great color ways. This will be perfect for spring and summer knits.

this gorgeous lavender

beautiful variegated

this is such a great spring color like a county garden :)

this ones is great almost jewel toned

and wonderful blues and greens.

Here are some great pattern ideas from berrocos books

ogunquit vol 8 Schwann vol 8 Soto #307 All the books are available in shop for these great patterns in the yarn and there is more wonderful things to be seen in there so feel free to drop in and flip through. :)