Sunday, October 14, 2012

New socks yarn...

 Okay in the past two weeks some great fall socks yarns have came in.   When I think of fall I think of my cozy hand knit socks.  My hubby says wearing hand knit socks is like having that "new sock feeling" every day and I totally agree!!  Another thing is socks are one of the gifts people request most from me.  Every one loves that luxurious cozy feeling they give.

So me being a avid sock knitter I couldn't wait to share these with you.  I was very excited for this one in particular.  It is one of my all time favorite sock yarns.  It is Pagewood Farms denali..  It is a great American hand paint yarn that is fun colors.  It doesn't pool so it works great for patterned socks with cables or lace.  They are also great for shawls. 
 Here is a great creation made with denali

 This is another great socks yarn that came in and is going to be lots of fun to work with..

 It is footrpint Blue Ridge yarns.  It comes with two skeins one larger for the body of the sock and a smaller contrasting color for the heel and toe. 
 There are lots of fun colors. There is even the patriotic red white and blue.  Here is a great example of how this yarn knits up..

 I love all the different combos..
 I tried to get pics of each one so you guys can see how great they are.
I hope you guys swing in and get some to knit yourself or someone you love a great pair.

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