Sunday, April 17, 2011

who needs a pretty fix?

Well I don't know about you guys but I am in to mood for some pretty stuff. After all these grey drab cold days I think we need more color like Janna's flowers at the shop. They are beautiful right now.

and this great project that CathieKnits finished. How beautiful. The pattern is Blooming Cotton Scarf. I think she did such a great job. Very fun and colorful.

It reminds me of my grandmas violets :) I love it. It looks great on her. I love seeing the great things people have made showing up in the Ravelry group and when I saw this I knew I had to share.

I thought I would also give you guys a sneak peak of what got dropped of for the shop yesterday. (shhh no one will see these until Monday you guys are the first ;) There are great charms, stitch markers, and a few key chains too.
Some super cute charms with both knitters and crocheters
I LOVE these and was super excited for them. who wouldn't right lol. hmmmm these would be great gifts from the easter bunny..or has anyone heard of a little day called Mothers Day?
She also made up some great little packs of stitch markers. They were hard to get good pics of but they are too cute.
Better yet all the new cuteness is only $7.50!! I love it. Aren't talented sister the best. There is more you didn't get to see so check them out for yourself :)

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