Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to our new blog!!

Welcome to Purple Iris's new blog. I am very excited for all the great new things we can put out there for everyone to enjoy. For those of you who don't know Purple Iris yarn shop. It is a great cozy little shop in Marshall, MN. A small town in south west Minnesota. It has a great selection and wonderful customers who create a fabulous community. Never hesitate to call and see if there is something you are looking for we would gladly ship it to you :)

One of the first things I am going to share with you is a fabulous new yarn in our shop called Linsey by Berroco. It is 64% cotton 36% linen and each skein has 114 yards . I saw it and thought it had to be spendy but it is only a shocking $8.50 a skein!! Here are the great color ways. This will be perfect for spring and summer knits.

this gorgeous lavender

beautiful variegated

this is such a great spring color like a county garden :)

this ones is great almost jewel toned

and wonderful blues and greens.

Here are some great pattern ideas from berrocos books

ogunquit vol 8 Schwann vol 8 Soto #307 All the books are available in shop for these great patterns in the yarn and there is more wonderful things to be seen in there so feel free to drop in and flip through. :)

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