Monday, April 18, 2011

Ravelry tips.

So I know allot of you guys aren't huge Ravelers. Well I am going to tell you reasons why I love and how it can help improve your knitting. There are great things you can use ravelry for and I thought I would share them with you.

1.I personally never knit a garment with out going to Ravelry first and browsing that pattern to see if it looks good on people who are shaped like me and what it looks like in different yarns and what changes people have made.

2. I get great ideas for new projects I would never see other wise.

3. I have all my needles and books cataloged so I know what I own.

4. You can see all your friends newest projects and check out their blogs.

5. you can figure out what to do with those random skeins of yarns that you bought with out knowing what to do with them.

6. Show off your great projects.

7. join groups for things that you love (authors designers kids caffeine your favorite yarn shop *wink wink*)you name it there is a group. You can talk all about that subject and keep up to date.

8. figure out if your pattern has a mistake or if you are crazy.

9. when you are feeling really bad go on and flip the the "ugh"s under the people tab. There is some really ugly stuff out there and no you aren't the only one who didn't check gauge and wound up with a sweater that would fit a giant.

10. swaps. You can join a swap and swap yarn and knitting things with some one from different state or county there are sock swaps pattern swaps, I have done caffeine swaps with yarn and coffee tons of fun things out there.

Go on and give it a whirl.

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  1. You can also buy/sell/trade. Great if you have an extra skein or need an extra skein.
    Also it is a wonderful resource to find patterns to use up your leftovers.